On-Demand Entertainment R&D Center

On-Demand Entertainment  R&D Center

Consulting & Studies - Academic & Training - Project Development



The first specialized center of its kind in the Middle East ..

Represents the scientific and developmental support of the generation of future services sector (On-Demand Entertainment System ODES) within its comprehensive economic and social framework.

Achieving continuity and development at the governments, institutions and individuals level.

It launches creative programs and creative projects as well resulting from the needs of the renewed society ..

Through the development and management of the following main services:



Service 1: (TRFIHI Encyclopedia) Innovation, development and management

Due to there is no world-wide reference for many basic entertainment items like (games, competitions, sports championships, scientific competitions, festivals, national holidays, etc.).

On-Demand Entertainment R&D Center

has created the first world-wide encyclopedia afor entertainment and launched the first stage to change the Encyclopedia into the largest electronic open-source encyclopedia known as ( TRFIHI Encyclopedia).

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Service 2: (ODES) Consultations and Studies Center

With the quick social and economic changes that cope up with the technological and informational revolution, the need was risen for establish a specialized center that will provide consultancy and studies according to the future services methodology (On-Demand Entertainment), since the work is done according to the possibilities and entertaining opportunities according to quality, efficiency and productivity standards, and cumulative experience in the entertainment sector.


(A) Government Sector Consultations:

1. feasibility study of investing governmental properties as entertaining projects.

2. Consultations regarding the development of government systems to enable the entertainment sector to achieve the continuity and economic growth.

3. Consultations regarding the development of the education sector through entertainment

4. Consultations regarding the development of the sports sector through entertainment

 5. Consultations and specialized studies according to the direct needs and demand in the Entertainment sector


B) Private Sector Consultations:

1-change entertainment into a competitive advantage and added value in trading projects.

2-Employment of entertainment to develop human cadres in major companies

3-Employment of entertainment in programs and services of social responsibilities and community service.



(C) (building and managing the entertainment Competitive advantage) of government property and projects


A new contractual service for government agencies owning buildings or entertaining areas.

The service is based on the basis of developing and managing (entertaining facilities) to achieve the (entertainment) objectives in the best social or investing way..


by providing entertaining means, operating electronic systems, managing human cadres and executing professional marketing plans that achieve competitive entertaining advantage according to the request of the project and its owner ..


This service is rivalled to the importance of contracting with maintenance service providers, cleaning, guarding and others ..



Service 3: alliance with universities aiming to develop and manage (Science and Entertainment Arts academy)

Just as every major sector in the economic or social field .. It is important that the entertainment sector has scientific and practical paths that contribute to raising the level of readiness of the community to interact and to develop the sector and to sustain its economic ..


On-Demand Entertainment R&D Center has created and developed a (TRFIHI Academy).


• (TRFIHI Academy) : The Academy of Science and Entertainment Arts can reflect the level of intellectual and cultural progress and the seriousness of the will of the top leaders to refresh the entertainment sector .. and to make it an influential and effective sector.

• (TRFIHI Academy ) supports the concept of skills development with entertainment (SkillsTainment), to build knowledge with entertainment (KnoledgeTainment,) and the consolidation and dissemination of educational entertainment tools (Edutainment) in all institutions.

• (TRFIHI Academy) adopts the models of rehabilitation and education in keeping with the spirit of the age based on the discovery of talent, skills and entertaining hobbies ..

• (TRFIHI Academy) teaches the dynamics of group and individual entertainment, the management of outdoor activity centers, the management of entertaining resources, the services of individuals and groups, management of entertainment projects, risk management in entertainment programs, accounting and finance for entertainment activities, etc.

• (TRFIHI Academy) aims to provide the community with leaders of high efficiency and able to upgrade the entertainment sector.




Service 4: alliance swith training institutions to develop and manage (TRFIHI Training Programs):

TRFIHI Training Programs presents programs to discover entertainment talents, and to care for talented and creative people in various fields of entertainment, especially artistic, sports and professional, which did not find anyone to adopt it.

TRFIHI Training Programs meet the needs of those wishing to join the field of entertainment to learn quickly according to modern and direct methods

TRFIHI Training Programs explains entertaining opportunities mixed by practical and field applications.

TRFIHI Training Programs aims to discover and provide the community with creative cadres to work in entertainment projects.