Job opportunities



(Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment) adopts a business system and growth with great flexibility.

Opens wide doors for a lot of innovative job opportunities ..

And expansion through the form of partnership and integration with institutions or individuals initiators and innovators in all areas of investment, programming, marketing and manufacturing of entertainment tools and games .. and others.

In each geographical area, according to each target category.


First: (MenuTaiment) Opportunities in marketing - and / or - Management of operation)

1. MenuTaiment home entertainment(Family)

2. MenuTaiment Private and government companies

3. MenuTaiment Hotels & Resorts

4. MenuTaiment Educational Institutions

5. MenuTaiment Parks & Utilities

6. MenuTaiment Specialized corporations (such as airports and hospitals)

Second: (On-Demand Entertainment  R&D Center) opportunities in the contract for the provision of services

1.presenting studies and consultations on entertainment  (contract management, participating in study and consultation teams)

2. TRFIHI Academy (Academy management, developing and presenting the academic curricula and programs, Marketing)

3. TRFIHI Training Center (Center Management, Software Development and Presentation, Marketing)

4. TRFIHI Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia management, researchers and writers, data entry, marketing and sponsorships)

Third: (Specific Entertainment Projects) opportunities in the marketing - and / or - operation management.

  1.  TRFIHI Platform project
  2. TRFIHI-Shop project
  3. TRFIHI-PARKS Project
  4. Family Resort Project
  5. Oasis Project Entertainment


Fourth: (Innovated Entertainment Clubs) free work opportunities in marketing - and / or – operation management


1. the best years of life Trfihi Club

2. Tota-Moody Children's Trfihi Club (fun & talents)

3. The World Sports Trfihi Club

4. Future Scientists and Creative Trfihi Club

5. The Professional Trfihi Workshops club 

6. Bustan Al-Ward Club (ladies and children's 

     (gardens) - Social Responsibility

7. Virtual Trfihi Clubs Project - Social Responsibility 

8. The Neighborhood Club for Mothers and Children - Social Responsibility 


Fifth: (Technical Entertainment Solutions and Programs) opportunities in the development and programming - and / or - operating - and / or - marketing

1. Platform project
2. TRFIHI MAP Program project
3. TRFIHI-MATES Application 
4. Platform 
5. Platform 
6. TRFIHI PLACES Application
7. TRFIHI-SPORTS Application
8. Platform




Sixth: Job Opportunities in the marketing the privilege rights and project operating agencies

(Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment) signs contracts based on granting free work opportunities to market privilege rights of any of the previous projects in a specific geographical region according to the expansion plan.