Mothers and Children TRFIHI Club


Recreational Club for Mothers and Children

Social Responsibility – Future view

A social project created and developed by (Happiness Colors Company for Entertainment)


Target Group: Ladies and children younger than 3 years


Reason for development:

You may hardly find a perfect place (such as incubator) for working mothers in most governmental, educational, health and private bodies…

There is no place permitting mothers to have a renewable recreation, in the same time helping them to carry out the great maternity duty. It seems that the majority of environments and communities enforce women to choose between being a perfect mother or deprived from participating and contributing in the different life activities, especially the recreational ones.

The project of (Recreational Club for Mothers and Children) is a small club in each neighborhood that allow for the idea of the one-day care or limited hours care for children.

The whole project is based upon the potentials and competencies of that neighborhood, i.e. mothers may be the workers who share the role of supervision on children…

They would be the initiators of the different recreational programs that meet their different desires…  


Club Services:

  • Providing a complete structure and system and encouraging the initiators ladies to run the recreational clubs in every district.
  • The club would include multi use hall, small swimming pool, coffee place and events, kids area.