Application of playgrounds information


Tarfihi- Sports Playgrounds


Application of playgrounds information


A project created and developed by ( Happiness colors company for Entertainment)


There are a lot of public and private sports playground and knowing, reaching and booking

it is not available in an easy way.

(Tarfihi- Sports Application) the first comprehensive electronic solution that gives you the chance to know all the sports playgrounds that you may want to go to, to Know the nearest playground to you, to see the details of its various sports services, and to know the evaluation of services and prices.


This project has been developed to present an inclusive solution for each individual who is looking for:


Different athletics courts.

Football playgrounds

Volleyball Courts

Basketball Courts

Squash Courts

Badminton Stadium

Tennis Courts

Billiard Halls

Bowling Halls

Golf Course

And other kinds of sports and entertaining activities.



The project will be launched in 12/2019